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Western Front Way 600 Royal Navy Expedition

Western Front Way 600 Royal Navy Expedition

Event Details

Fundraisers: David Pearce, George Mcfarlane, Thomas Adlam, Ewan Wallace, Cheryl Goodwin, Verity Evans, Darren Harris, Jacob Haynes, Adam Stevens, Stephen Richardson

Event Date: 24th Aug 2020

Event Id: 17246

Charities Supported:

  • Winstons Wish - 1061359 - 34%
  • Pancreatic Cancer UK - 1112708 - 34%
  • The Royal Navy And Royal Marines Charity - 1117794 - 32%
  • Winstons Wish
    Winstons Wish
  • Pancreatic Cancer UK
    Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • The Royal Navy And Royal Marines Charity
    The Royal Navy And Royal Marines Charity

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Target: £6,000


Raised so far: £880.00
Donations: 20
Gift Aid: £191.25

Event Description

690 miles in 30 days !!!!!

In April 2020, a team from the Royal Navy (MCM2 Crew 4)  will be walking across the length of Western Front. The challenge is to set off from Pfetterhouse in the French Alps and walk the 680 miles over the course of 30 days, finally arriving in Nieuwpoort in Belgium. The idea came about after one of our team members was researching his family history and learnt of a family member who fought and was captured at the Battle of Loos in 1915, which lead to the discovery of the Western Front Way charity ( This organisation was established after Sir Anthony Sheldon discovered a long lost letter, sent my a young 2nd Lieutenant, Alexander Douglass Gillespie from the Argyll and Southern Highlanders. In this letter, he reflected on the horrid realities of war and suggested the possibility a sacred road (a via sacra) which would span the length of the Western Front and give walkers the opportunity to reflect on the atrocities of the times. Unfortunately Gillespie was killed shortly after writing his letter, and it was lost for a century but on discovery of his letter in 2015, the Western Front Way was created, and they have worked to map a route, for all to explore, and make the via sacra a reality.

We will be the first team to walk the full length of the route, covering just under 690 miles over the course of 30 days. The aim is to raise as much as possible for our chosen charities, namely; Winston’s Wish, who help children with bereavement, Panreatic Cancer UK and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity. We hope to raise as much as possible to help these charities continue there positive work and so if at all possible, we would be grateful for any support you can provide.

From all the team, thank you!

Follow us at;

Our route for the expedition;

690 miles in 30 days !!!!!

Comments and Donations
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John Adlam 
Donated £50.00 (+ £12.50 Gift Aid)
Well done everyone for planning this. A pity you couldn’t complete the challenge - but no doubt you’ll inspire others to do it and help keep memories alive.
Keith Adlam 
Donated £10.00 (+ £2.50 Gift Aid)
What a worthwhile venture for your three charities.
Alex Searle 
Donated £10.00 (+ £0.00 Gift Aid)
Donated £5.00 (+ £1.25 Gift Aid)
Susanne Pearce 
Donated £50.00 (+ £12.50 Gift Aid)
Good luck with your walk!
Wendy Carter 
Donated £20.00 (+ £5.00 Gift Aid)
Go for it!
Rebecca Haynes 
Donated £50.00 (+ £12.50 Gift Aid)
Good luck everyone from Jakes mum x
Jill Whitley 
Donated £50.00 (+ £0.00 Gift Aid)
Three fantastic charities to be supporting. Well done to all the team.
Andrew Carter 
Donated £50.00 (+ £12.50 Gift Aid)
Good luck Ewan from Andrew and Debbie Carter
Jessica Reddish 
Donated £50.00 (+ £12.50 Gift Aid)
Good luck Euan and the rest of the team. Great job.
Kyle Pearce 
Donated £5.00 (+ £0.00 Gift Aid)
Susan Wallace 
Donated £340.00 (+ £85.00 Gift Aid)
Good Luck Euan, I'm sure you'll make it, Love M
Izzy Andrews 
Donated £10.00 (+ £2.50 Gift Aid)
Good luck Euan & co! Xxx
Donated £20.00 (+ £5.00 Gift Aid)
Paula Carter 
Donated £50.00 (+ £0.00 Gift Aid)
Good luck. What a great initiative. Will be admiring your progress.
Robert Hoole 
Donated £20.00 (+ £5.00 Gift Aid)
A small token of my esteem.
Michael Jacobs 
Donated £50.00 (+ £12.50 Gift Aid)
Good luck shipmates
Donated £25.00 (+ £6.25 Gift Aid)
Joe Scholey 
Donated £10.00 (+ £2.50 Gift Aid)
Good luck steve and co
Donated £5.00 (+ £1.25 Gift Aid)