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Fundraisers: PerthBreastCancer SupportGroup, Margaret Kilmartin, Sylvia Wallace

Event Date: 18th Jun 2017

Event Id: 13133

Charities Supported:

  • Tayside Health Fund - SC011042 - 100%
  • Tayside Health Fund
    Tayside Health Fund

Target: £100,000


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Event Description

Members of this Event:

PerthBreastCancer SupportGroup Margaret Kilmartin Sylvia Wallace

If you wish to donate or raise some cash for breast cancer care in the Perth areas, use this page or cheques can be made out to Perth Breast Cancer Care, and is then donated to the Tayside Endowment Fund. (Tayside NHS Board Endowment Funds, SC011042)

This fund is shared between Ninewells and PRI, which Perth surgeons requests slices of money for various PRI projects.

To date we have raised over £30,000 which has been used specifically by the Tayside Endowment Fund to  finance a portable Faxitron machine for PRI to use.   The money has also gone to supply PRI with a Shear Wave Elastography (SWE) Ultrasound machine.

The Faxitron machine needs to be maintained and we have been asked to continue raising funds to support this maintenance programme.

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