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LCVS (Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services) is a registered charity established in 1909.

Since then we have been improving the well-being of individuals and communities in Liverpool by supporting and encouraging
charitable giving and voluntary action as well as bringing people, organisations and resources together to address the huge need,
poverty and inequality that still exists in the City.

Through these partnerships we build strong communities and address the underlying causes of these issues with a focus on education,
health and income-stability.

As well as delivering our Community Impact Programmes within Liverpool's most deprived communities, we provide support, advice,
training, networking and representation for individuals and charitable organisations across the wider City region and help donors
distribute over £4million every to year to charitable organisations, both here in the UK and across the world, who share our values.

Supported Charities

We currently run a number of Community Impact Programmes. You can read our Update Report here

Our current Community Impact Programmes are:

everyday changes  readind oasis  positive about play  community impact

        LCVS Everyday Changes Fund                               LCVS Reading Oasis                                   LCVS Positive About Play                             LCVS Community Impact Fund  


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Kitchen Table Charities Trust £45290.00 Donate
The School of St Jude (Tanzania) £22664.64 Donate
Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal £5632.00 Donate

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