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50th birthday fundraising appeal

50th birthday fundraising appeal

Event Details

Creator: Mark Healey

Event Date: 13th Jan 2020

Event Id: 17330

Charities Supported:

  • 17-24-30 National Hate Crime Awareness Week - 1184819 - 100%
  • 17-24-30 National Hate Crime Awareness Week
    17-24-30 National Hate Crime Awareness Week

Target: £500


Raised so far: £25.00
Donations: 1
Gift Aid: £6.25

Event Description

It was my 50th Birthday on the 13th January 2020 and I would like to raise at least £500 for 17-24-30 National Hate Crime Awareness Week.

This would cover the cost of organisinging 20 volunteer sessions.

  • 20 x £15 for volunteer refreshments.
  • 20 x £10 covering basic travel expenses for 2 volunteers.

Volunteer Sessions take place on Tuesday afternoons in New Cross Gate, South London.

Each year our volunteers help organise;

April Acts of Remembrance #AAR

To mark the anniversaries of the three nail bomb attacks on Brixton, Brick Lane and Soho. This involves outreach in Brixton on the 17th April and Brick Lane on the 24th April. On the 30th April each year we organise a small gathering in St Anne's Gardens in Soho (usually attended by over a hundred people). The charity takes the first part of its name 17-24-30 from the dates of the three attacks.

National Hate Crime Awareness Week #NationalHCAW

We organise and coordinate the national week (hence the second part of our name). The national week takes place between the second to third Saturday in October each year. We organise a service of Hope and Remembrance for those affected by hate crime on the Sunday (after the second October Saturday) at St Paul's Cathedral. The week aims to encourage local authorities (police and councils), key partners and communities affected by hate crime to work together to tackle local hate crime issues. We encourage people to register hate crime awareness events they are organising around the UK so we can place markers on our National Hate Crime Google map.

We promote an annual H.O.P.E. Campaign

H = Hate crime awareness.
O = Operational response to hate crime.
P = Preventing hate crime.
E = Empowering communities affected by hate crime to report and access victim support services.

You can find out more about volunteering on our page here;

Last year our team of volunteers put in over 1466 hours. We delivered the April Acts of Remembrance marking the 20th annivesaries of the three nail bomb attacks, National Hate Crime Awareness Week and our annual H.O.P.E. Campaign. We conducted our second national hate crime Freedom of Information research exercise with responses from 394 councils - 275 said they were taking part in the national week in 2019, 242 took part in 2018 and 219 took part in 2017.

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Donated £25.00 (+ £6.25 Gift Aid)
Here is £25 to pay for your first volunteer session and get you off to a good start. Keep on going - your work is making a wonderful difference to so many people.