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Donate to the LCVS Community Impact Fund

Donate to the LCVS Community Impact Fund

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Event Date: 31st Mar 2017

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  • Liverpool Charity And Voluntary Services - 223485 - 100%
  • Liverpool Charity And Voluntary Services
    Liverpool Charity And Voluntary Services


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Event Description

LCVS Community Impact Fund

Over the last 20 years Liverpool has made major achievements in regeneration of the city and addressing the inequalities that exist across Merseyside. But with almost half of all children starting school with sub-standard literacy, life expectancy of people in the most deprived areas 7-10 years shorter than those in the most affluent areas and the percentage of adults claiming out of work benefit almost double that of the rest of Great Britain, it is clear there is still much to do.

That's why we work with over 20,000 local organisations who work within these communities across Merseyside to improve the conditions in which people live. Our Community Impact Fund supports small organisations tackling the issues affecting our city, so that together we can build stronger, more sustainable communities for everyone.

By supporting our Community Impact Fund today you will be helping provide everyone with the opportunity to have a good life; a decent education that leads to a stable job, and enough money to support a family and good health. A life that everyone deserves. 

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