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Donate to Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services

Donate to Liverpool Charity and Voluntary Services

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Event Date: 31st Mar 2017

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  • Liverpool Charity And Voluntary Services - 223485 - 100%
  • Liverpool Charity And Voluntary Services
    Liverpool Charity And Voluntary Services


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For over 100 years LCVS has brought people, organisations and resources from within the Liverpool's most deprived communities together to address the huge need, poverty and inequality that still exists in the city. Your support will help us to develop and run programmes which provide long-term solutions to these issues by building strong communities through a focus on education, health and income stability.

Programmes like Positive about Play that engages with thousands of families during school holidays, when many struggle for support, through inclusive and accessible play activities, dedicated financial advice line and the provision of healthy meals. Our Community Impact Fund which,over the next two years, willprovide £300,000 in grants to help charitable organisations to develop and deliver projects to help those most in need on Merseyside. The newly launched Reading Oasis projectthat provides all a primary school needs to give every child the space and books to enjoy reading. And our Everyday Changes Fund that provides people with real solutions, such as clothing, white goods and beds that have an immediate impact and make a lasting difference.

Every year, through these programmes, we help thousands of people when they need it most. So, on behalf of all these organisations and individuals your donation will support, thank you.

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