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Donate to LCVS Reading Oasis

Donate to LCVS Reading Oasis

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Event Date: 31st Mar 2017

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  • Liverpool Charity And Voluntary Services
    Liverpool Charity And Voluntary Services

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(LCVS) United Way Reading Oasis

In Liverpool, almost half of children begin school with sub-standard literacy[1] and whilst the performance of children in Liverpool schools has improved over the last five years more needs to be done if we are to give all our city's young people the start they deserve.

One simple way we're tackling this is through our United Way Reading Oasis programme, which will give primary schools everything they need to create a dedicated library within their school. With an estimated 20% of all primary schools no longer having a library and 1 in 3 children not having a book of their own at home, the benefit of having the space and unlimited access to books cannot be underestimated.

 Our aim is for every primary school to have a United Way Reading Oasis, equipped with books, shelves, beanbags and a rug, by 2025 but we need your help. Each United Way Reading Oasis costs £10,000 and we are looking for individuals, businesses and communities to 'adopt' the schools that need it the most. You can adopt your own school, ask your business to, or get team together to fundraise. With your help we can introduce thousands of children to the joy of reading and help them reach their full potential.

 [1] "From Better to Best: The Report of the Mayor of Liverpool's Education Commission" July 2013

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