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Goldex Costa Foundation Fundraising

Goldex Costa Foundation Fundraising

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Creator: Costa Foundation

Event Date: 01st Jan 2020

Event Id: 15507

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  • Costa Foundation
    Costa Foundation

Target: £50,000


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Event Description

Secondary school for Gora Bantu



          Over the last two years, Goldex has raised £212,000 for the costa foundation, enabling the construction of a mixed primary school with a capacity of 1400 in Gora Bantu, Ethiopia. The school will be the first brick and mortar school in the area and surrounding areas.


 The project is believed to help children of Gora Bantu to reach their full potential and achieve a higher quality of life. The project will also ultimately improve the livelihood and socioeconomic status of the entire community.

 There will be a concerted effort in the school towards providing support for young girls whose current options for career are extremely limited, usually to farming or childbirth.


We would now like to focus on building a secondary school to serve the same area as this primary school, so that the children going to the primary school will have somewhere to continue their education.



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