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The Shrimp Appeal

The Shrimp Appeal

Event Details

Creator: The Neston Club Cricket Hockey Squash Tennis

Event Date: 03rd Jul 2014

Event Id: 4936

Charities Supported:

  • Neston Cricket Club - NA - 100%
  • Neston Cricket Club
    Neston Cricket Club

Target: £10,000


Raised so far: £1,145.00
Donations: 9
Gift Aid: £286.25

Event Description

The Shrimp Appeal is trying to raise funds for young people who are finding it difficult to join Neston Cricket, Hockey, Squash or Tennis Club.

The Appeal will help them pay for membership, coaching and to help them buy equipement.  You know the pressure of not having the right trainers!


Our Wish List:

1. Membership £150

2. Equipment £100

3. Coaching £75

4. Trainers £50

5. Shirt £25

6. Gum Shield £10


£500 buys the lot with a little change to help with a a spare bat, raquet or stick!



Comments and Donations
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Charles Hurst 
Donated £20.00 (+ £5.00 Gift Aid)
Contribution from fellow attendees from recent Saturday Marquee Ball, July, 2016
Richard Dutton 
Donated £40.00 (+ £10.00 Gift Aid)
Good Luck with the Appeal!!
Steven Dool 
Donated £50.00 (+ £12.50 Gift Aid)
Sorry about the delay but thank you for the invite to the sportsman's lunch and the hospitality shown. I am excited about further strengthening links between the school and the club. To create an avenue for more sporting talent to progress will be immensely satisfying.
Donated £130.00 (+ £32.50 Gift Aid)
Donation from the Tennis section
Donated £105.00 (+ £26.25 Gift Aid)
Neston Cricket Club Donation from Cricket Section
Steve Egerton 
Donated £150.00 (+ £37.50 Gift Aid)
Antony Bush 
Donated £100.00 (+ £25.00 Gift Aid)
Hope to get the Total over a £1000 by Xmas!
John Maddock 
Donated £500.00 (+ £125.00 Gift Aid)
I'm donating on behalf of Lockwoods Construction (Liverpool) Ltd. The club offers a wonderful service to the area and the more kids that can take advantage of it, the better.
Peter Glasman 
Donated £50.00 (+ £12.50 Gift Aid)