Notice: Due to the state of current events and the spread of COVID19 all fundraisers are advised to consider the end date of any existing events, if required please extend the end date to accommodate for any cancellations or rescheduled events.

Please visit our FAQ for any further queries you might have.

Top Fundraising Tips

Make it personal

Give your side of the story - tell people what you're doing and what it means to you to meet your fundraising target.

Explain what the money raised will do for your chosen charity.

Ask Friends and Family

Think about sending your page to friends and family first, to get their support. Once people see the donations coming in, they will be more likely to donate and support you in your fundraising efforts.

Share your page

Get your page out there! Use social media to promote your page, ask people to 'share' it on Facebook or retweet you on Twitter. Put a link to your Sponsor me page at the bottom of all your emails & ask your company if you can put it on work emails, if appropriate.

Say thank you!

Don't forget to thank your donors. Sponsor me enables you to automate a thank you direct from your page, but when your event is over you could also send a personal thank you. This lets people know exactly what their support meant to you and how much you have raised.

Ask for Gift Aid

Don't forget to ask for Gift Aid for all donations. Not all will be eligible, but it means that for those that are, your chosen charity will receive even more money from your fundraising efforts.