Notice: Due to the state of current events and the spread of COVID19 all fundraisers are advised to consider the end date of any existing events, if required please extend the end date to accommodate for any cancellations or rescheduled events.

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How it works

If you are a charity that would like to be added to our charity database, please contact us and once we have verified your details we can add you to our database so that your donors and fundraisers can start supporting you through My Giving Account and Sponsor me.

Our Sponsor me and My Giving Account products work in tandem to provide a complete fundraising package that enables donors and fundraisers to coordinate all their charitable activities in one place.

Both Sponsor me and My Giving Account link to our charity database that contains thousands of UK registered charities and good causes.

Online access to a My Giving Account means that you can select the charities that you want to support either on a one-off or ongoing basis. You can also manage any recurring donations you may have set up, as well as the ability to quickly respond to charity appeals.

Sponsor me gives you the option to support up to six charities and choose how the money you raise will be split between them; you can also display any logos on your fundraising page in support of your chosen charities.

Charities Trust manages all the administration.

Our mission is 'growing the giving market' and we aim to connect the many thousands of donors and fundraisers in the UK to the charities they wish to support.

Our aim is to ensure that we do not pass the burden of the costs associated with fundraising onto the charities supported through our Sponsor me pages. That is why we charge no monthly fees to charities who benefit from our service, and why our administration costs are 30% lower than our competitors.

Can't find the charity you want to support? Please contact us with the details of the charity and once we have verified their details we can add them to our database.